Phoo Action Pilot

When I’m in hotel rooms I tend to spend a lot of time on Youtube or Netflix.  One of the first things I wrote about on this site was stumbling upon the pilot for the Jamie Hewlett created show “Phoo Action”.  The BBC aired the pilot, but didn’t pick up the show.  That’s unfortunate because what follows is a crazy mix of Tank Girl, Aquabats, Bruce Lee, Dance, and of course a sprinkling of the great Carl Weathers.  Check it out!

Here is the pilot in order:

Eddie Shin as Phoo is from Chicago and can most recently be seen in a few episodes of the great series Men of a Certain Age!

Christine probably spotted Danny Webb playing Lord Rothwell from the BBC series Being Human, which got picked up in place of Phoo Action.

No stranger to comedy, Carl Weathers was awesome in a small story arc on Arrested Development.

The BBC series The Mighty Boosh also featured an actor from Chicago, Rich Fulcher.

Jaime Winstone playing Whitey is Ray Winstone’s daughter.

I downloaded the “Something Kinda Ooh!” song.  Yep, that’s one of my secret shames.

This show is a spin off of the Jamie Hewlett comic strip “Get the Freebies”.

Jessica Hynes, who played Daisy in the series Spaced is one of the writers of this TV version.

Jaime Winstone was also in the movie Donkey Punch, which wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

The loincloth sorta appears again in Hewlett’s musical production “Monkey: Journey to the West”

Yep, you heard that right at the end, Lily Allen had a talk show on the BBC.


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