The TRUTHcast may be an improvised comedy podcast that parodies conspiracy theories hosted by me and Alex Bozinovic, interviewing our funniest friends portraying different eccentric characters.

It might also be a very serious podcast hosted by Thomas Luge and Dickie Rickets where they talk to local heroes who are brave enough to report on the truths they don’t want you to know.

Ideal Remake


Here are the episodes of the podcast I helped create and co-hosted for awhile where we “remade” Hollywood classics.


That’s Bullshit, Right? – Don’t Piss on a Historical Church

Long before TRUTH was a thing, I was a guest on Alex Bozinovic’s podcast with John Mahar and Ian Cellarmen.

That’s Bullshit, Right? – Tomatoes, Carrots with Dickie Rickets

To kick off the Truthcast, I returned to TBR as my alter-ego Dickie Rickets.


Big Time Garbage: Knuckle Children of Rage

2/3 of the Big Time Garbage Podcast,  Brett Mercer and Blain Hill, had me and comedian Ken Witzgall on for a fun and sprawling tangent filled conversation.

This Has To Be Funny Right? Episode 20

Shane Dials had a casual conversation about me where we covered my last couple of years in Los Angeles when DJ Dangler and I got really close multiple times to selling a cartoon we created with Marc Maron starring.

One Crazy Story Episode 15

My long time friend Nate Ambruster has different comedians on to share an amusing anecdote from their life. He had me on to talk about my first show in Los Angeles where I found out I’d have to follow Louis CK!

WTF_with_Marc_MaronWTF with Marc Maron Episode 330

I was on the legendary WTF along with Jim Earl, Moby, TJ Miller, Jake Fogelnest and Aries Spears. Marc grills me on my divorce and what it’s like to live in Detroit.

Flight 1977: Destination McMurdo Station, Antarctica

I talked to the crew of Flight 1977 about Flesh Gordon and Lori Petty on the way to McMurdo Station. Did this podcast turn me into The Thing? I don’t know. Maybe my aversion to Michigan and the cold weather is because I don’t want you to know that you can’t see my breath when I exhale.

Ballsrog’s Next Level Podcast: 1 on 1 with Mike Bobbitt

Right as I was about to move to Los Angeles, I sat down with my old friend Ballsrog Gamer to talk about life and our history in comedy together.

Just Talkin’ With Sam: Bonding over Gamestop

I sat down with the Sam Show Nation and talked about video games.