Mike vs. Kobe vs. The Game With No Name: The Conclusion

Previously, on The Game With No Name…(still haven’t come up with a name)

Caught up? Okay, here are the results:

(also, spoiler alert? I guess?)

Mike correctly foresaw:

[1 point] Sassy sex craved female best friend or cohort for Portman delivering one liners.
[2 points] A scene where Thor gets undressed and a female sneaks a peek.
[3 points] Thor confused by some sort of technology like an iPod or a car.

And I was correct about:

[4 points] All the monster smashing in the trailer happens in the first 15 minutes of the movie.
[8 points] Thor will break into SHIELD’s tent fortress to get his hammer, won’t be able to lift it because he hasn’t learned the lesson of “don’t be a tool” and gets captured by SHIELD.

Kobe takes this round, 12 to 6!

Overall all though, we were both waaayyyyy off. Which is a good thing , I suppose; we both went into this movie thinking it would probably be a stinker, as evidenced by the unflattering predictions, and we both were pleasantly surprised.


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I use a lot of semi-colons; often improperly.

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