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Mike Lebovitz is a Comedian You Should Know

More often than not when a comedian stays in a condo as opposed to a hotel, it can be a nightmare.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.  I’ve stayed in condos a handful of times and with the exception of one experience, it’s always been a blast.

Most recently I was in Appleton, Wisconsin and staying with Chicago comedian Mike Lebovitz.  We found out that we had a mutual connection in my sister-in-law.  Mike is fantastic and we’ve stayed friends since that blizzardy week in America’s Dairyland.  He’s also a part of the Chicago comedy scene’s super group Comedians You Should Know who had the number one comedy album on iTunes recently.

Mike came to town a couple weeks back to get is foot in the door of some of our clubs and afterward I decided to pick his brain about comedy and specifically his take on the Detroit scene.  Enjoy.

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Mike Stanley: Part 2

This interview has been reformatted and can be seen in its entirety here. Enjoy!