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My interview with artist and all around cool chick Katie Cook!

One of the greatest things I’ve done as a comedian is the celebrity roast of Darth Vader.  While we ended up raising money for a good cause, I also ended up becoming friends with some pretty awesome people in the Star Wars community.  One of those friends is the great Katie Cook.  She’s a staple of the convention circuit and her artwork has been used quite a bit by Lucasfilm.

Here’s what I think is particularly awesome.  She’s local!  Katie is a CCS graduate and has been out to see me perform.  I was self conscious about having somewhat of a potty mouth on stage in front of her because her art is so adorable.  Well, it turns out she’s not only heard an adult word or two in her life, but she’s been known to use them!  I’m still hoping that she and her husband can get together with me and Christine sometime, because he’s pretty damn cool too!

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