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Comedy Brew

Here’s a clip from what I taped at the Ice House in Pasadena.  Since the 5 Hour Energy Drink commercial plays on HULU, how crazy would that be to see the commercial of me followed by the clip of me.  I feel like a big deal.  I can’t wait to find out if my poop still stinks.  It probably doesn’t.  Anyway…this is TV clean…so enjoy it wherever.

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Oh yeah…and for the record…I’m not talking about my niece in that “pre-bitch” joke.  I just mean teenagers in general.  My niece is actually pretty cool!  We’re going to see her in a play this weekend.


Jeff Comedy Jam Promo

Jeff Conolly again here.  I have a show coming up where me and five other guys named Jeff are performing called the Jeff Comedy Jam. It should be a really fun night, and it’s especially big because it’s the first show I’ve ever run by myself.  I’d love it if a bunch of OfftheMikers could show up!  It’s June 10th at Laff Tracks in Novi.  You can go to the Facebook event here.

Here’s a promo video my wife helped me make (she was especially enthusiastic about the ending).

What do teachers make?

Cheers to all the teachers! Without you, we would be nothing.  You are all heroes. Plus, doesn’t he look a little like comedian Steve Lind?

Too Tsunami?

Gilbert Gottfried got fired by Aflac for jokes he made about Japan on his Twitter.    How do you weigh in on this?

My personal feeling is that Gilbert is famous for controversial comedy, not just for doing cartoon voices.  Aflac had to have known the risks in hiring him.   While I think the timing for the jokes is poor, I think firing him may be overreacting.

Why Computers Can’t Make It as Stand-Up Comics

Check out this article from Live Science that was forwarded to me from my friend Laura.  Turns out our messy and inconsistent minds make us better comedians.  I’m glad my broken brain does something right!

Laura and I both worked in radio together and I’m sure at one point we both thought computers couldn’t take our DJing jobs.  We were wrong!

This probably goes back to my snobby article, but I suppose a computer could analyze the biorhythms of an audience and regurgitate a “best of” act of other comedians’ acts.  Maybe they could call it the MenC.A. 2000.

Michigan Film Incentives in Jeopardy

Here’s an article posted on my friend Mark’s website about the Michigan film incentives.  The sad thing is, at the town hall meeting I thought the turn out and passion was so overwhelming that there was no way this thing wouldn’t work out in our favor, but apparently Snyder is standing firm unfortunately.  Anyway, check out Mark’s article.  Also, I’ll be a guest on his podcast soon.  He’s a pretty awesome comedian who I met in Lansing last year.