Hey Kids…Twitter! All-Nerd Edition

So, a while back Kobe posted his favorite funny Tweeters, today I’m going to share my favorite nerdy ones.

@DeathStarPR is on a mission to give all the negative publicity the Galactic Empire has received to a more favorable and humorous spin.

 Sample tweet: “If a tree falls on an Ewok in a forest and nobody was around to see TK-827 chop it  down, did it ever really happen?”

@grantimahara I’m sure you all know Grant Imahara from Mythbusters.

 I follow his tweets because he’s clever, funny, and often posts cool behind-the -scenes pics from the set.

 Sample tweet: “This is Murray. He’s a hawk.  #fromset #Mythbustershttp://twitpic.com/4twyzm

 @TheNerdyBird Jill Pantozzi is a comics journalist who writes for MTV Splashpage and Newsarama.

Her profile says, “Has Boobs, Reads Comics. Need I say more?”

Her feed is a great place to view the comics industry from the perspective of a self-proclaimed geek girl.

Sample Tweet: “I also asked my BF if he would dress up as Thor for me and he said no. : ( He has the beard AND blonde hair. #meanboyfriend

 @GailSimone is the current writer of Birds of Prey and Secret Six at DC Comics.

Her twitter isn’t really about her comics, though. She’s funny and  a bit odd, often times starting  strange and funny trending topics like #kingshark or teasing fellow comics creators, especially ones from Marvel.

Sample Tweet: “If I wrote an Avengers movie, I would put the JLA in it instead.”

@CobraCommander is, as if you didn’t know, the leader of a terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

Sample tweet: “When you realize you have a guy named Road Pig on your payroll it seriously makes you rethink your career choices.”

Who are your favorite nerdy twitter users? Let us know in the comments!


About Dennis Burdziak

Nerd, comic book enthusiast, toy collector, friend to people more talented than himself. Follow him on twitter @dburdziak

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