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Quick Questions: What’s Your Favorite Movie About Comedy?

I live, breath, eat and sleep comedy.  Movies about comedy speak to me.  From the flawed Punchline to a classic like Annie Hall, I love movies about comedians.  The best movie to capture the essence of comedy in a small town doing a one nighter has got to be The Godfather of Green Bay.  But my all time favorite is Funny People.  People knocked it, but I love it.  My nightmare is that I’ll end up friendless like Adam Sandler’s character.  I try really hard to be nice to everyone, but I know sometimes I piss off my friends and that makes me feel terrible.  I need my them.  Anyway, I asked my peers what their favorite movie about comedy is.  Check it out:

Brad Austin: Comedian. (Mike note: An essential documentary for every comedian to watch.)

The third chair…the great Pat Francis: Mr. Saturday Night.

Kristy Rock: When Stand Up Stood Out. Read the rest of this entry