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Tutu Much Mikey

Here’s the infamous Ford Explorer commercial.

A couple behind the scenes notes first. I’m probably the most uncoordinated person I know and am totally unable to flip a coin, catch it and plop it down on the back of my hand. That scene took many takes. The fact that it was freezing and I was shaking didn’t help much at all.

Cut out from the end is me trying to get out of the truck while wearing the fairy wings. I’d either forget to take off the seat belt or the seat belt would get caught in the wings. This was being shot at the end of a very long and cold day. No one was happy with me. I had so much to do in what looks like a simple shot. I had to pull up quickly to my mark in the truck. Put the truck in park. Take off my seat belt. Exit the vehicle and close the door. Walk embarrassingly down the street in my little tutu.

It all looks so simple!