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Joey’s Comedy Club // 10:30PM Show // Livonia, MI // 9.25.11

These photos were taken at the 10:30PM Show at Joey’s Comedy Club on Sept. 25, 2011. The performers for the evening included the following:
Michael Malone, Headliner.
Ricarlo Flanagan, Feature.
Bill Bushart, MC.
Jeff Scheen, Special Guest.

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The Roast of Nate Fridson // Joey’s Comedy Club // 9.18.11 // Livonia, MI

On Sept. 18, 2011, the stand-up community shared their thoughts on their fellow comedians and its honoree, Nate Fridson. Nate has made the move to New York City to further his stand-up pursuits. Best of luck, Nate!

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Stand-Up Comedy Show Part Deux // Aug.4.2011 // Windsor, ON

On August 4, 2011,  5 Americans and 2 Canadians performed at the Phog Lounge. We arrived, we joked, we made them laugh. The evening’s perfomers included:


Ricarlo Flanagan

Forrest Haigh

Garri Madera

Harry Moroz

David Robinson

Zach Stein

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Joey’s Comedy Club // 8PM Show // July.27.2011 // Livonia, MI

These photos were taken at Joey’s Comedy Club on July 27, 2011 in Livonia, MI. The line-up included the following comedians:

Bryan McCree, headliner.

Kate Brindle, feature.

Jeff Arcuri, mc and fellow alum of Bill Bushart’s Stand-Up Class, Spring 2011.

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Stand-Up In Detroit // July.22.2011 // Campus Martius Park // Detroit, M

This past Friday was the 2nd installment of Joey’s Comedy Club presents Stand-Up in Detroit as part of 4th Fridays in the Park at Campus Martius Park. The evening’s line-up included:

Darnell Anderson

Brad Austin

Carl Johnson

Jeff Scheen

Sam White

Garri Madera

Thank-you to all performers, Joey’s Comedy Club, and Campus Martius Park!

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Joey’s Comedy Club // 8PM Show // July.13.2011 // Livonia, MI

These photos were taken on July 13, 2011 at Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia, MI. It was also Bill Bushart’s birthday. 

The lineup for the evening’s show included:

Bill Bushart, headliner and birthday celebrant.

Rico Bruce Wade, feature.

Lee Smith, emcee.

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Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle // Open Mic Night // Royal Oak, MI

Various photos of Detroit comedians who have performed at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle Open Mic Night. Photos were taken on different dates.

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10:30 Show at Joey’s Comedy Club // Livonia, MI

These are pics from the 10:30PM at Joey’s Comedy Club. The line-up for the evening included:
Isaac Witty, headliner.
Paul Strickland, feature.
Germaine Gebhard, emcee.

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Club Bart’s Final Comedy Night, etc.

June 23, 2011 was the last  Comedy Night at Club Bart’s in Ferndale. It meant a lot to the stand-up comedians of Detroit. Here are some photos from that night and a couple extra I threw in. Big thanks to everyone who was a part of Club Bart’s Comedy Night.

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Hot Dog Mondays at the Planet Ant 6.13.11.

Another awesome Hot Dog Monday at the Planet Ant Theatre (Hamtramck).

There’s a free pre-show bbq featuring Michigan’s finest foods (Koegels, Bettermade, Faygo, etc.) Bbq starts at 7PM.

The show starts at 8PM with the a guest team followed by the Home Team at 9PM. This week’s guest team was Motor City Improv.

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Mike’s Birthday Shows Photos

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Mike is crushing heads.

Mike can crush heads.


Main St. Billiards: Brad Austin’s Birthday Show

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Joey’s Comedy Club: Tripping to LA, Day 3.

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Here’s comedian Garri Madera’s latest slideshow from the Detroit comedy scene. I closed the contest last night while scores were tallied. Man, it was a super awesome show. I’ve only seen three of the comics before. Lots of unique voices and Ed Beuhner did a hell of a job hosting!