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Hot Dog Mondays at the Planet Ant 6.13.11.

Another awesome Hot Dog Monday at the Planet Ant Theatre (Hamtramck).

There’s a free pre-show bbq featuring Michigan’s finest foods (Koegels, Bettermade, Faygo, etc.) Bbq starts at 7PM.

The show starts at 8PM with the a guest team followed by the Home Team at 9PM. This week’s guest team was Motor City Improv.

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Joey’s Comedy Club: Tripping to LA, Day 3.

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Here’s comedian Garri Madera’s latest slideshow from the Detroit comedy scene. I closed the contest last night while scores were tallied. Man, it was a super awesome show. I’ve only seen three of the comics before. Lots of unique voices and Ed Beuhner did a hell of a job hosting!

The Painted Lady: May 5, 2011

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The Painted Lady: Open Mic.


Lauren Uchalik as your shining MC
Scott Fischer
Mike Bobbitt
Ed Buehner
Marty Smith
Garri Madera
Chillian Thomas
Mike Evitts
Allyson Hood
Lee Smith
Jeffrey Conolly