Week in Review: Nerding Out!

All the proofs for my new CD “Full Frontal Nerdity” were finalized this week and the order is being processed.  I’m super excited for it.   Roger from the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase has been gracious enough to host my CD release party on September 22nd.  He even let me put together a super awesome line up that I handpicked.  The show will open with Jeff Conolly who was part of my birthday show where we recorded the CD.  Comedian/Derby Girl/Cool Chick Amy Probst, who I’m a big fan of, will be next, followed by the super awesome Allyson Hood.  Allyson has a guest appearance on my CD.  Mike O’Keefe, who also makes an appearance on my CD is next and then finally it’s me.  I’ll have free passes for this show too.  I really can’t wait for the 22nd!

I also had a meeting with the Red Cross this week.  On October 25th a bunch of us will be roasting Dracula to benefit the Red Cross.  So lots of great things up ahead.

Thursday I did a set at the Painted Lady.  I’ve been going through a lot of stress and well…went on stage with a lot of baggage.  It was cringe worth, but therapeutic.  Trevor Smith had two new bits that were so awesome that it made me want to quit comedy for a minute.  He and I will be hitting the road together in a couple weeks to head to Goonie’s in Rochester, Minnesota.

After the Painted Lady a lot of us headed over to Go Comedy.  I did an interview for an internet project.  It was fun and silly.  I love the camaraderie of hanging out with comedians.  In spite of my little melt down, it was a great night.

On Saturday I headed up to The Bull Ring in Goodrich, Michigan.   Vicky, who runs the place, likes to make sure her customers have regular comedy, so this show was sort of a lead in to the start of their normal season.  I didn’t know it was only a one person show, so I was glad that Allyson Hood came out for a guest set.  She ended up opening the show and really set the stage for me.  That show ended up being great!

Sunday I met up with one of my oldest friends, Jeff Sanguis to work on a project with him for his website Nerding Out.  Jeff was the lead singer of Detroit ska legends Telegraph.  We’ve been buddies since we were teenagers and stayed close because of our mutual dorkiness.   Jeff and I both bought Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars crafting book, so we ended up rolling tape while we each picked a project to make.  It was great catching up with him again, especially while dorking out!


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