Reality Show Rundown 2: Storage Boogaloo

As I have stated in a previous post, I am totally into reality shows about real people doing their jobs. This summer I have become a bit obsessed with them. The latest two my wife and I are watching revolve around the people who attend storage unit auctions. When storage unit renters default and stop paying their monthly fees, the owners of the facilities will put the contents up for auction to try and recoup their losses. These two shows follow the auctions, auctioneers and the regular buyers of said units.

Storage Hunters

This show mainly follows a couple of jerks and the other jerks they run into. The couple the show revolves around, Brandon and Lori Bernier,  don’t shut up about how much research they do about who owned the units they are bidding on, and constantly get into bickering fights with the other regular bidder on the show. Seriously, check out the hair cut on the lady. What the shit? We watch it to hate them and root for them to overpay for garbage. It gives me great joy every time the open a box to find out it’s empty.  We watch this show if we stumble on to it, but don’t much care if we miss it.

Find Storage Hunters on Tru TV:

Storage Wars

Storage wars is a much more entertaining show, which follows a whole cast of characters as they try to outbid each other for storage units all over California. The cast includes Jarrod “The Young Gun” and his wife Brandi, a couple who run a resale shop, and are always trying to one-up each other, Barry “The Collector,” an older hipster who is out looking for valuable collectibles, Dave “The Mogul,”, the owner of a larger consignment business, and Darrell “The Gambler,” a home-based buyer and seller looking for his next big score. The bickering and posturing between the different buyers is the fun on this show, as they each try to outdo the others. There is no real villain on this one, each buyer is likable in their own way, and easy to root for or against. This show has a season pass on my DVR.

Catch Storage Wars on A&E:


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  1. Dwight Schultz

    Auction Hunters on Spike is the only one I’ve seen. It’s more like Pwn Stars though – just follows 2 guys who seem to really know how to size up a unit.

  2. I don’t like those people on the Storage Hunters, they are taking things that don’t belong to them and they sell them for money and plus have they ever took it to their greedy minds that people might come back for that stuff they steal when they get a bigger place to put all their stuff they put into storage but only to find out that it’s all gone! they don’t care about anyone else but themselves and their Greedy little money making show that shows them stealing peoples stuff from storage, I think they should go to jail for such a crime and their show be put on re-runs to show how Greedy they are and how stupid and heartless they are being for stealing peoples things from storage, they should be ashamed of themselves the jerks and I for one am very ashamed and disgusted by them and their greed, oh here is a thought? why don’t they get Real Jobs That isn’t stealing from people and sale them like common crooks that they clearly are, can anyone else but me see what they are doing is wrong and should be against the law?! what if people who move away place their stuff in storage for a few months until they get to their new house and go to get their stuff and then there could be a little girl’s doll in storage and when the little girl and her family come to get their stuff and the little girl’s doll it’s all gone even the little girl’s doll and that little girl is left heartbroken and it would be all those Storage Hunters fault for making a little girl cry in heartbreak! a child should not be put through that kinda pain of loosing a toy they love because of the Storage Hunters Greedy ways 😡
    And just because people can’t be able to pay for the Storage when they can don’t give them a right to sale it! I hate Storage Hunters and I hate the fact that people would let them and people like them sale peoples things like that, they don’t even give people a chance to pay it off when they can 😦
    I think that people who have their stuff in storage should be called to be ask to pick up their stuff and move it into a different place and I think people who selling peoples things that are in storage are wrong and not right and they never think on how those people feel, we don’t all have the money we need to pay everything off some people have trouble doing that even when they need to pay the bills for their house and buy food for their family and keep the family in a nice home and not kick off the streets.

    I hope you Storage Hunters are Happy, I have a Strong distrust of Storage Places because of you Greedy Jerks and People Just Like you 😡

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