Remembering Club Bart

On stage at Bart's years and years ago.

I just scrapped about two pages worth of feelings about the closing of Club Bart.

Club Bart was a great place for food and music.  Bart who owned the place loves both and that showed.  Many years ago PJ Butland brought comedy to Bart’s.  Later Joel Fragomeni took it over and turned it into a free comedy show that more often than not was less of a comedy show and more of a freak show.  Joel sort of ran the show with his friend Corey Hall who aren’t terribly welcoming to new comedians or anyone else they view as lesser than them.  They’re bullies.  The comedy show at Bart’s was often times a very negative place.

With all that being said, I’m glad that I did a set there just about every Thursday night my first year as a comedian.  I feel like being a Bart’s veteran made me a tougher comedian and prepared for everything I could ever expect to face on the road.

The end of the comedy shows there is like a funeral for an uncle who molested you, you’re glad it’s gone, but you kind of miss it because it was family.


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  1. that’s it? wow. I was expecting something so much more.
    I was gonna write an obit – but one time I went in on a Thursday and I heard Bart bitching about me and that he didn’t like me and I was too loud. Never been in since. Fuck him. I packed that place on Thursdays. The only really fitting thing for me woulda been for it to go into bankruptcy rather than selling. I know that’s harsh, but I treat people the way they treat me. Bart’s was fun for the first three yrs or so. Still tough, still impossible, but fun. I was fair and ran a good show. 7 comics max plus a paid headliner. Then Denise Hildebrandt and her cronies didn’t get to go on every week and they bitched to Bart and Todd and that was the start of the demise of the comedy aspect. Then I became a regularly working comedian and Jay Kimm took over and it became what it was when it ended. A mean-spirted spoof of the original. Sad, but true.

    at least you had the balls to call Corey and Joel exactly what they were when there.

    put up your original 2 pages Mikey.

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