Hey kids…Podcasts!


Here are five of my favorites:

How Did This Get Made?: This is a brand new podcast, just two episodes old, but absolutely terrific. The League’s Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas, Diane Raphael (Flight of the Conchords) and a weekly guest break down exactly what’s terrible about the terrible movies we love to hate. So far they’ve skewered Burlesque and Nicolas Cage’s Season of the Witch. They’ve talked of expanding the show to include DVDs and television shows, sparking my secret hope that they’ll take on The Cape.

The Bugle: Featuring the Daily Show’s criminally underused John Oliver and his long time comedy partner Andy Zaltzman, this is a satirical commentary on the news of the day. If you like  the Daily Show or Colbert Report, The Bugle is square in your wheelhouse. Even if you don’t; if you enjoy British humor, give this a spin. And it’s worth it to dive into the back episodes, their string of podcasts covering the 2008 elections in particular were hilarious.

WTF: The great thing about this podcast is that the host, Marc Maron, is just as interesting as the people he interviews. Maron and his guests get into the highs and lows of being a comedian and the business of stand-up over the last two decades in a way that is incredibly frank and always gratifying.

The Nerdist Podcast: This is the second podcast I really got in to. Chris Hardwick has thoroughly entertaining conversations about comedy and showbiz, but with a nerdy slant, with everyone from his fellow comedians to MMA fighter Mayhem Miller to Ozzy Osbourne to the Muppets. The variety of guests and Hardwick’s palpable enthusiasm for comedy is what makes the show so enjoyable.

The Pod F. Tompkast: Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins, this is a variety show of a podcast, featuring ‘The Undiscovered Project,’ an ongoing series documenting the making of a movie shrouded in secrecy and ultimately hidden away by the very geniuses that brought it to life; clips from Tompkins’s various live comedy shows, the occasional phone conversation with comedian friend Jen Kirkman and assorted other shenaniganery. Sadly, it’s a monthly podcast, but it never fails to amuse. Cakeboss!


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  1. Mr. Bobbitt himself

    What about Never Not Funny and Comedy Deathray Radio? Jimmy Pardo may be the most naturally funny man alive. Some people are on the fence about Scott Aukerman, but I stand proudly in the yard of the Mott Skaukerman fan club. I think he’s great.

    I’ll have to listen to How Did This Get Made? again once they talk about something I’ve seen. For my money, and these podcasts are free, I’d much rather listen to Filmspotting for movie reviews.

    I’ll have to check out The Bugle. I never heard of it until now.

    Pod F. Tompkast could use a little tightening up for me. I appreciate Paul’s ability to just have a stream of consciousness, but a little goes a long way for me.

  2. I agree, I LOVE Paul F., but his podcast isn’t for me, but I’m a huge fan of WTF and Nerdist.

    Another that should be on the list is Doug Loves Movies. It’s a little unconventional for a comedian podcast, but I really dig it. Also, new this year is Hollywood Babylon, with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, and it’s one of the best/funniest shows out there, but you might have to listen to the back catalog to get the running inside jokes.

    • I do love Doug Loves Movies…actually to the point where we play the Leonard Maltin game on Dungeons and Dragons nights. I fell put of love with most things Kevin Smith, but I’ll give that one a shot.

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