Doctor Who- Season 6- Episode 3- Curse of the Black Spot Review

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Episode 3 was a romp, mateys! But getting a standalone romp after the first two mind-bendy/revolutionary episodes kind of feels like getting a swell handy after two nights of sex that was…well mind-bendy and revolutionary. That, though, is certainly Arrr-guble. (That’s the last time I do that, I swear.) Check out my spoiler filled review below…

Yo-ho-Spoilers! Or does nobody actually say that?


*PIRATES- Pirates are just cool, and this is exactly what makes Doctor Who such a great show. It’s the only show that can give you aliens one week, then straight up pirates the next. Plus, Amy Pond dressed like a pirate gives Rory and Amy more role-play props (as seen in the Christmas Special).
*Siren* The Siren/Mermaid/Doctor-that-made-House’s-Bed-side-manner-seem-amazing was a pretty effective monster. It wasn’t Silence good, but it was still pretty cool.I especially like the idea that it wasn’t really inherently good or evil. It was just there, abandoned, and it was trying to continue its work.


* GREED – The whole “I can’t give up the treasure” thing bugged me. It’s not bad, really, but its not good either. Its very, well, traditional.

*UNDERUTILIZED PIRATES- As cool as the pirates are…they didn’t really do much. They ran in fear. They acted greedy (see above) but that was it. As cool as the story was it’s a little odd. They visited pirates but couldn’t have sword fights, never fired a cannon, and didn’t look for treasure. There’s not really anything bad about that, but its a bit like visiting the star wars universe and spending the whole time watching that chess game in which you’re suppose to let the wookie win.


*Rory’s Almost Death- The first season of Heroes, I watched it like crazy. I was the biggest fan, but mid third season, I stopped watching. Why? Because people kept dying and getting resurrected. When Rory started “dying” at the end of this episode, I didn’t feel sad, I felt annoyed. This again!? Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, but still…

*NO RIVER OR CANTON- Moffat’s best problem is that he introduces such brilliant characters that you feel a loss when they aren’t around. I know they can’t be there every episode, but seriously.


*LADY IN THE WALL- The Lady in the wall is opening a version of the “crack from season 5, a whole in time and place. My bold prediction. What the heck, let’s go crazy. It’s the same girl, Amy’s child, but as an adult.


It is what it is…an adequate episode. It wasn’t bad, but after the last two weeks of jaw-droppers it just kind of fell flat. I’m really excited for next week, as the episode is written by my favorite author Neil Gaiman. I’ve been waiting two years for this!


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  1. This review makes me want to check out the show again. I’ve been a casual Who fan at best. Well, I’m a big fan of THE WHO, but a casual DOCTOR WHO fan. I feel like I’m playing a hipster version of Who’s On First with myself. I love the stand alone episodes of Doctor Who because I think it makes the show accessible to everyone.

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