I love making posters. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite. I hope you enjoy.


My buddy DJ wanted a shot of some sort of iconic comedy duo wearing Legion of Doom makeup.


My writing partner DJ Dangler and I took part in the Comedy Store Roast Battle in Los Angeles. This is the poster I made, based on the iconic picture of Bane breaking Batman’s back.

Sad Sacks Monsters Inc2

Inspired by a Monsters Inc. poster, this is promo art I did for a screenplay that DJ and I are shopping. I like the idea, but it looks like it could just as easily be art for a sequel to TED.

Sad Sacks One Sheet Cover

This was my favorite of the promo art for our screenplay, but most people didn’t get it. The screenplay is basically Some Like it Hot in a furry convention.

Sad Sax

This art just plays on the pun title that was initially just a working title for our screenplay, but then it stuck. I’m proud of this. The only art that’s “borrowed” from the Mad Max poster is the smoke outside.

burgervoir dogs

My friend, the amazingly talented artist Kelly Mcguire gave me her old art tablet, so I did this mashup as a way to get more comfortable using the pen.


Based on a graphic novel cover.


I can’t remember the joke in my act that inspired this, but this was a t-shirt that I sold after shows. I’d much rather sell something that’s female empowering than a shirt that says “Who sharted?” Although, I probably would have sold many more “Who sharted?” shirts.


My favorite thing about this first attempt at a wanted poster style promo was the way Bob Phillips is giving me side eye!


Another attempt at a wanted poster.