Detroit native, Mike Bobbitt brings a punk rock edge to his nerd comedy by embracing his obsessions and taking the piss out of them at the same time.  With the charm and candor of a smart aleck kid who’s ‘just too smart for his own good’, Mike’s been making audiences laugh for years.  He brings the audience on a humorous journey through the fumbles and foibles of his everyday life.  Mike speaks to a very specific group while maintaining accessibility to the masses.

He has been part of many comedy festivals including the Detroit International Comedy Festival, Calgary Funnyfest, Las Vegas World Series of Comedy and multiple appearances at Gilda’s Laugh Fest.  His three comedy albums “Mikey Pooh”, “Full Frontal Nerdity” and “nowadays.” can be heard regularly on XM/Sirius satellite radio.  He was also on the hugely popular WTF Podcast with Marc Maron.

Mike has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many of the nation’s best comedians and feels lucky that he can count the times he’s had to work with the nation’s worst comedians on one hand.

Mike Bobbitt lives in Los Angeles with his two cats and thousands of action figures.  He has written for Funny or Die, and has acted on ABC Family’s “Freak Out”, more crime reenactment television shows than you can shake a stick at, and a couple independent movies due out in 2015.  He also looks great in blue.