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Weeks in Review: Wagons West

Two weeks ago I was at Skyline in Appleton, Wisconsin.  I absolutely love this club.  Todd Glass talks a lot about what makes a club good is when they pay attention to the details.  Cliff at the Skyline is so hyper aware of the details.  It was a really fun week.

Lewis Black loves the club so much that while he was in town for a theatre show, he stopped by the club and made a video introduction for the show telling the audience, in his Lewis Black way, to be quiet and respectful of the show.   It works.  Those audiences are amazing.  They’re smart, quiet and buy a lot of merch!  I completely sold out of all the CDs I brought with me.

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Bobbitt and Smith in Rochester, MN

Trevor Smith and I will be at the super awesome Goonie’s Comedy Club in Rochester, MN this Friday and Saturday night.  I absolutely love this club.  I’ve been there a few times before and always have a blast.  If you’re in Minnesota at all…you should totally come out.

Show times are 7:30 and 10:00pm and you can get your tickets through their website…that you can get to if you click on their name above.

I’m not knocking Minnesota at all…but seriously…if you live in Minnesota, what the hell else are you going to do this weekend?  Yeah, I know you have nice cities and beautiful landscapes…but c’mon guys…this is me and Trevor here.

Oh yeah…their site used a really weird screen capture image of me…so the image I’ll use for Trevor is the one on the right.  It’s a comedian named Trevor Smith.  It’s not the Trevor Smith I’m performing with.  The Trevor Smith I’m performing with never wears a clown nose on stage.  Off stage though, he won’t take off the damn thing.  It’s gross.  He sneezed the whole way here and it was dripping.  I thought I was going to throw up.  So if you googled Trevor Smith earlier when I mentioned him right at the start of this post and you accidentally found this guy instead and thought to yourself…”fuck that, I’ll see Mike some other time”…please be assured that my Trevor Smith is a totally different guy.

My Trevor Smith?  How is it that I own him now?  I don’t want that responsibility.  I’ll probably have to feed him and shit.  He’s already been so needy the whole way here with his, “C’mon man, what’s with the duct tape and rope?  Why am I blindfolded?  Not cool.  Okay, this isn’t funny anymore.  Seriously, I can’t breathe.  What’s going on?!  What is that mask made out of?  Who is that mask made out of?!  Help!  Help!  Help!”


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