Comedy Albums: Don Reese “It Came From Iowa”

Unfortunately Don Reese “It Came From Iowa” is not available on iTunes.  It doesn’t seem to be available through his website either.  If I remember right, he didn’t have it the last time we performed together either, but when I did a google search for an image to put with this review, I found this cover, which is not the cover of the CD I own.  So maybe he’s printed more.

Don Reese is one of my all time favorites.  Like Jackie Kashian from yesterday, Don is a big kid!  I had the pleasure of working with him when I was going through a lot of self doubt, but watching him do a set of material where I could tell he loved each and every word that came out of his mouth renewed me with excitement for the craft of comedy.

Don is like the 10 or 15 year older version of me.  Where I have a passion for Star Wars, Don loves old science fiction monster movies.  You would never guess by his ominous head shot that hangs in every comedy club across this country, but Don is a giant lovable guy.  Aside from the nerdy stuff, the thing that I enjoy most about Don is the fact that he’s super complimentary when talking about his wife on stage.  That in itself was a bit of an eye opener to me when I was starting.  Like Chad Daniels who I wrote about on the 20th of this month, Don Reese speaks about familiar topics without falling into any of the overused cliches.  And that’s what makes him great!

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  1. Just bought it last night and had it signed by Don himself.

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