Laugh Detroit’s Dave Moroz

Dave Moroz and Mike at the 2010 Laugh Detroit Festival

Dave Moroz from Aspen Talent is the founder of the Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival.  This is the fourth year of the festival that brings talent to the Comedy Castle from all across the country.  This year features ten nights of live comedy from all across the country.  I had a chance to talk to Dave after the Monday night showcase featuring the great Auggie Smith.

So we just got done with the second night of the Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival.

Yes.  Kind of the third day, because we had an unofficial start with Michael McDaniel’s One Man Show at the Charles H. Wright Museum on Friday.  Over 300 people attended that.  He had an amazing performance.  He recorded it for his live DVD.  He did 90 minutes and it was fabulous. Back here now Sunday night we had David Alan Grier and this was our first showcase with these amazing comics from across the country.

Tonight was pretty successful.  It looked like the show was sold to near capacity.

I think we were over 300, which was just wonderful.

Unlike years in the past where you had theme nights, each night this year is a variety of acts.

Yeah, what we found is that when we were doing themes it sounded good on paper, but audiences were looking at their particular tastes and being directed towards certain themes.  Ultimately we want people to come and enjoy a night of comedy regardless and this sort of mixed it up.  I think the performances we’ve seen tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday are very different styles of comedy and personalities and a little something for everyone.

Are you doing the same thing where the best of the Fest goes on to the weekend?

Well, we don’t call it Best of the Fest because I don’t want comics competing with each other, but there are a group of people who are at every show who determine who really stands out and will be with us for the weekend.  One person is identified from each of the three showcases.  Two of them will open for Lynne Koplitz and the third will open for Bob Saget.

And Mike Baldwin was the person who stood out tonight.

Yeah, Mike Baldwin was the one tonight highlight of the evening.

He was pretty awesome.  What’s nice about the Festival is it gives Mark Ridley an opportunity to see people live versus on tape.  I just worked with Tim Nutt who came to the Castle from the Festival.

He watches every performance and he takes notes.  Again, it’s not something we promise everyone that if you come in you have a chance to work at the Comedy Castle, but the reality instead of having Mark watch a demo he has a chance to see someone on stage and maybe bring them back.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this week?

Everyone.  It’s such a treat for me to see folks live.  Every night is a treat.  It’s like eleven little gifts!

Thanks Dave.

Thank you, Mike.

Brian McKim and Traci Skene from Shecky Magazine host the showcase tonight, then on Wednesday one of my favorites Karen Rontowski is taking over hosting duties.  This weekend will feature my buddy Lynne Koplitz from the Joan Rivers show Joan Knows Best and then Sunday night is Bob Saget!

Jeff Singer, the Executive Consultant for the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival is hosting a third comedy workshop after the first two have sold out.  Classes are limited to nine people, so try and jump on that third one while you can!

Go to for more info!  Tickets can be purchased in advance by eTix at

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  1. So nice to read such a positive article about comedy and to hear that Laugh Detroit is doing so well. From what I hear the first ever Grand Rapids comedy festival was also a huge success. We have a great thing going here with Michigan comedy.

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